Some Things I’ve Learned

Some things I’ve learned:

Happiness comes from the experience of goodness and love.

To align oneself in spirit, community, location, intention, motivation, mind, heart, body, action, and environment with goodness, love, and the Divine is very good indeed.  Do this and you will be happy and free.

Money doesn’t equal happiness.  Money doesn’t really have anything to do with it.

Fear, anger, hatred, greed, complaining, criticism, sarcasm, satire, blaming, etc. are direct causes of unhappiness.  Don’t engage these energies, and your happiness will increase.

Do what you love to do.  Do what is good.  Do your best to enjoy every moment.  Don’t waste your time.  Don’t do things you hate or that are bad for you or others just so you can make some money.  You are going to die, and when you do, your money and possessions will be irrelevant to you, but the time you spent aligned with love will be precious to you.

Ask for help often.  Receive it gratefully.

Create beauty and express love, joy, grace, and the Divine in music and words as well and often as you can.

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