Music For The Divine

The energy of the music we play onstage is absorbed by the audience members, who carry it away with them. We performers carry it also. So I play music that expresses love, joy, gratitude, and the Divine as beautifully as I can in the hope that we will all benefit.

I play guitar and bass for Tao TheoryMukti, Ananda Rasa Kirtan, Jens Jarvie and the Heart Wide Open, Peter Alexander, and Acharya Mangalananda. I’ve also recently performed with Jai Uttal, Prema Hara, Shantala, Gina Sala, Kirtan Soul Revival, Sirgun Kaur, Adam Bauer, and Ben Leinbach.

I also compose and perform as a solo guitarist.  I have a Master of Music degree from Florida State University.  I perform original music and classical guitar repertoire for private events and public venues.

This year I’ve performed over 100 times.  In the past few years I’ve performed at Bhakti Fest, Shakti Fest, Mt. Shasta Yoga Fest, Grace Cathedral San Francisco, M. A. Center San Ramon, San Geronimo Valley Community Center, Open Secret Bookstore San Rafael, and at many yoga studios and private events around the Bay Area.

For current performance info and other interesting bits, please see my Facebook page.

Please enjoy these solo guitar pieces that I wrote and recorded recently.


Contact me directly:

  • Greg Barnett
  • 415-810-5005


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